Every year the modern education makes increasingly high demands on the quality of education. The volume of knowledge is increasing, and this knowledge should not be mechanical and meaningful. The famous psychologist LS Vygotsky argued that for the development of reading and writing is the most effective age of four - six years, since during this period the most susceptible to preschoolers speech
 As a rule, it is the pre-school has the responsibility for preparing for literacy. To date, about half of preschool children have difficulties in mastering reading and writing, and these difficulties are not only in children with speech therapy problems, and in children with a clear speech.
 Not only the right to hear and pronounce the words, but also to know the sounds, to be able to hear every sound, to separate it from adjacent - all of these skills are required for mastering the diploma.
 preschool literacy training takes place on the steps:
 Research carried out by specialists: speech therapists, psychologists, educators say about the growth of abnormalities in the development of speech. As a rule, we are talking about healthy children four to six years old, who do not have problems with hearing and intelligence, but phonemic perception is not sufficiently developed, which means that these children are at risk in teaching literacy. Eliminate speech disorders and form the basis of spoken language allows programs and techniques developed by us.
 As practice shows, the child will remember that it was interesting, and the knowledge gained on their own, they will be assimilated better. The classes for literacy used colorful game modules, exciting interactive exercises, simulated problem situations - all these techniques help to make employment vivid, memorable, filled with a variety of images and associations, so that children are easier to   learn new for them   information. For better literacy uses a variety of occupations, activating thinking processes.
 Literacy - a laborious process, in addition to allowing the development of reading and writing skills to develop the child comprehensively.