Educational Center "Aristotle"

The goal is not a subject for the object, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills, where the subject - a tool for the development of mental processes: the cognitive (thinking, memory, attention, imagination) and volitional (decision making, achieving the goals).

Methodology center

1. complexity in the training creates a system of knowledge, instead of individual knowledge, rules and formulas
2. The teacher does not work with the operational ( "learn-handed-forget"), and with long-term memory ( "sort through")
3. Logic in everything: in the supply of material, homework assignments and staged in communication with the teacher

More than knowledge

1. Education "from the simple to the complex" and daily successes arouse interest in learning.
2. Working out of difficult situations and cyclical repetition of the material imparts the desire to win
3. The result is the ability to think and find solutions in standard and non-standard situations.

Complexes developed several programs that include various modules. Selection of the program is carried out, depending on the age of the subject and purpose.

Aristotle Education Center

All reviews

Reviews parents and students

Julia, Daniel's mother:

Indeed, developing   the skills and knowledge that help

We are easy to do homework, we had a great learning in school. We started with 5 years to do, it is very effective. Now valued professionals. Aristotle thank you!

Elena, mother of Veronica and Nikita:

Study in Aristotle - this is interesting ...
The education of children is necessary to invest! If you want to give a child a good education, I advise you to give this education is in Aristotle. It's really a godsend.

All experts

Scientific advisory council

Alla Zinovevna Bobyleva:

«Head of the Department of Financial Management at the Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University professor of the Faculty of Economics, Doctor of Economics, professor. Teaches retraining and the MBA program at HSE and the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. Science ...»

Yuri S. Entin:

«Poet, writer, playwright, president of the festival "Chunga-Changa" and "Dance of the Little Ducklings" CEO "Yuri Entin Creative Center". History Teacher (Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute (MOPI) Krupskaya - now the Moscow State Regional University (Moscow State Open University)) and literary editor (Moscow Printing Institute - now the Moscow State University named after Ivan Fedorov printing (MGUP)) ...»

Hope Handle:

«Mathematical School and a degree in economics (Moscow Institute of International Economic Relations) in harmony with artistic talent (ballet, vocal). The soloist of the group "Shining" from 2004-2013 In 2010 she took part in "Dancing with the Stars" in 2013 ...»

Elena Zhavoronkova:

«PhD, teaches at the Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University Public Administration, Faculty of Management at the NRU Higher School of Economics, the program of the International Federation of Accountants (IAB) .MGU ...»

Alexander Todchuk:

«The most well-known Russian beauty stylist. Technology author of "Smart haircut" - the only Russian author's hair cutting technology. Alexander graduated in Kharkov Aviation Institute, he served in the army and even commanded a tank. Choosing a profession in the future ...»

Catherine Kerov:

«The publisher and editor in chief of "Happy parents". Education: Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Maurice Thorez specialty "Teacher of French and English," Graduate School of Business at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris specialty "Management of small and medium enterprises ..."»

Nikolai Aces:

«Executive     Director     of the Senatorial Club of the Federation Council, the assistant to the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on APPiP, Ph.D., Ph.D., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences and IASP. He taught philosophy, religious studies, cultural studies at SSU and other universities.»

Mariya Potapova:

«Executive Director of the Educational Center of Aristotle. The first degree in crisis management obtained at the Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV governance Lomonosov. Second - majoring in Marketing Management at the Graduate School of ...»

Yakusheva Svetlana:

«Supervisor "Aristotle" Education Center, Lecturer, Department of General and Strategic Management at the Research Institute of Higher School of Economics (HSE). Professional areas - pedagogy, psychology, management. The first higher ...»

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