All the lovers meet on the exam

Rosobrnadzor published schedule delivery of EGE-2015. First on the list will be held in celebration of Valentine's Day. Early surrender begins on March 23, and the main stage on 25 May. In Rosobrnadzor listed as the changes in the exam in mathematics, Russian and foreign languages, biology, social science, and physics.

On Tuesday, there was Rosobrnadzor exam schedule for 2015. "Prepared and sent to the regions of the draft calendar of exam-2015, in which the idea of ​​repeated examinations finds its realization", - he explained the press service of the department

. This will be an additional exam. "We first conducted in February exam for those who wish for the Russian language and geography", - said earlier the head Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov. This exam will be held for the graduates of previous years, which have debt, and for those who are not satisfied with the assessment of previous years. Graduates who want to pass the exam in geography developed in the 10th grade, also can be put into these numbers. Admission examinations will be held on the basis of the specialized exam delivery centers. now there are only four in the whole Russia, said Kravtsov.  

Early examination in the exam will take place from late March to late April. Then we have the right to take the exam graduates leaving for the Olympics, charges or competition, to relocate, to recruit, as well as those who are sent to the hospital for medical reasons. Graduates evening educational institutions and students in countries with difficult climates. Applications for pre-term delivery should be submitted before March 1.

On March 23 scheduled delivery of basic-level math. March 26 will take the exam at the profile level mathematics. On March 30 appointed Russian.