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All materials posted on this website aristotel-arbat.ru & nbsp; (hereinafter - the "Site"), are the intellectual property NIGHT Educational Center "" Aristotle "." For the purpose of this site as a whole, and this section in particular to indicate NIGHT Educational Center "" Aristotle "," it can be used the word "Aristotle".
These materials may not be copied or reproduced, except when a user is viewing their «on-line» mode. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may print complete pages of the site, received a copy of the hard copy for your personal use. "Aristotle" may from time to time give you the opportunity to download from the Site posters (ie posters decorative and advertising), screen savers and some other utilities.

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If you want to provide a link to this site, it must be the home page of the site "Aristotle».

The relevance of the information on the Site. Disclaimer.

  • Hosted on aristotel-arbat.ru page (hereinafter website) information intended for the free access to users' questions, which may be of interest to them  .
  • All the information is available in its original form, without any guarantee of completeness or timeliness, and without any other express or implied warranties. Access to the Site and the use of its Contents, is at your discretion and at your own risk  .
  • «Aristotle" make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content of this Site, but does not accept any liability for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of the information contained on this Site. Some of the information contained on this Site may not be accurate due to program changes that had occurred since its application in teaching. "Aristotle" reserves the right at any time to make changes in the content of programs.
  • Administration makes every effort to provide users with accurate and reliable information, but at the same time does not exclude the possibility of error & nbsp;.
  • Administration does not kakih-libo representations or warranties with respect to the Site and its Content, including, without limitation, with respect to the timeliness, relevance, accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability or fitness for a particular purpose kakoy-libo Site and Content in respect of the fact that when using the Website will not have bugs, it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the Administration will correct any errors, or that the Site will not be viruses or other malicious code, as well as the contents and the site does not violate rights of third parties  .
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  • It is the responsibility of the Administration does not include control of the legality or illegality of the transmitted information (any, including, but not limited to, information transmitted between users, internal transfer of information in a variety of links, texts or archives), the definition of property rights or the legality of the transmission, reception or use that information.
  • Administration takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy, relevance and legitimacy of the Content, but it does not accept responsibility for the actions of individuals or organizations, either directly or otherwise carried out on the basis of the information available on the Site or received through it as provided by the Administration, and third parties.

The personal data and other information

"Aristotle" respect for privacy and personal data of all persons who visit this website. This Section 4 tells how "Aristotle" information may be requested from you on this site and how it can be used.

Personal Information

"Aristotle" cares about your privacy. "Aristotle" does not ask you the data that could identify you personally (such as your name, address, phone number or email address) ( "Personal Data", "PD"), except in cases where personal data provided by you and processed "Aristotle", for the purposes of execution of your request, and (or) any other purpose due to your interest, and in any case at your request & nbsp;.
By submitting your personal data, you as a PD subject ( "Subject PD") consent NIGHT Educational Center "Aristotle", located at the address: Russian Federation, & nbsp; 123242, Moscow, ul. Zoological, 2 under. 8 to commit Operator PD following actions or set of actions using automation tools or without the use of such means: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, providing access) depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of PD. In order vyshezayavlennyh PD operator may transfer personal data within the Educational Center "Aristotle" and agents. Your personal data will be processed within a period of time that is needed to carry out the above purposes or until such time as you will not be withdrawn consent to their treatment.
If you have already provided Personal Information "Aristotle" and would like to have this information corrected or deleted from our records or would like to know which of your personal data is used by us and, if you have any questions or concerns in regard to the processing of your personal data, you can send an appropriate request to the NIGHT "Educational center" Aristotle "to the following address: Russian Federation, 127055 Moscow, Corner lane. 27, p.2.

Information that is not related to personal data processed automatically

In some cases, we may collect information that does not apply to personal data. Examples of this type of information could be the type of Internet-browser you are using, type of operating system you use on your computer or domain name of the web-site from which you are connected to our Site, or to the specific ad.
  «Aristotle" has the right to change the text of any sections of the Site at any time in any amount. Use of the Site / location on the Site after the date of the change is the adoption by the user / visitor to your site in the new edition of the text & nbsp;. The user / visitor of the site may not use the Site, unless the above conditions have been accepted. In fact, using the Site / are on the site, you accept the terms.

Center of Documents

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Admission to the Center (version 2) in PDF

Certificate of state. of registration

Contacts «Aristotle»

  • MIRACLE "Education Center & nbsp; «Aristotle»
  • Address 127055 Moscow, Corner Lane. 27, p.2
  • Phone: 8 (495) 540-49-60
  • Monday to Sunday, 09: 00-21: 00
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Send request and we will be sure to call back.
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