Steps to school

  • Programs intelligent and personal development child 4-6 years ;
  • The realization of his capabilities and aptitudes;
  • Prepare to strong public and private schools .
  • Where to go to learn? In recent years, the issue of the future first-graders parents start to ask long before the child enters school. And when the answer is found, there is another, equally painful question: whether the child succeed in school? What should I do?
  • Educational Center "Aristotle" offers a comprehensive training school for children 5-6 years. Contents of the program is aimed at developing the qualities of the person, the peculiarities of mental processes and those activities that determine the formation of stable cognitive interest of children necessary for their success in school.
  • Activities are aimed at the development of mathematical abilities, so-called "mathematical turn of mind." They are much more extensive traditional training sessions, during which the child teach only some standard   knowledge   or skills   (letters, numbers, numeracy, reading, etc.), which makes them much more useful and fascinating.
  • In the classroom kids grasp math basics: learn to count, recognize part numbers, are introduced to the mathematical problem, improve the ability to navigate in space, unraveling the mysteries of math with fun Tsifrovedom
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  • Use the classes in fine arts, design, applications   and finger exercises preschoolers acquire the initial skills for writing, training motor skills   the fingers and hands. But, as practice shows,   this is often   is not enough, and needed a specially designed program for the formation of graphic skills in children
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  • As a rule, it is the pre-school has the responsibility for preparing for literacy. To date, about half of preschool children have difficulties in mastering reading and writing, and these difficulties are not only in children with speech therapy problems, and in children with a clear speech.
  • The Guardian words helps children vocabulary with new words, learn how to use words wisely to build phrase. Teach children make up stories on the plot of the picture and make a mini-description. The classes are given techniques of memorizing poems. All this will help develop the imagination and memory of the child. Work on expressive intonation of speech will help the child to master the technique of speech, which will undoubtedly help him in school oral answers.
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Send request and we will be sure to call back.
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