Each student response coherent interpretation is an exercise in speech and, therefore, he must meet the requirements for content, design and construction of verbal expression. Please note children must emphasize those aspects of the story, as the consistency and coherence of the presentation, the fullness of content, as well as the correct syntax, lexical richness.
The program "Technology works with the text" helps the child to expand the range of ideas about the subject being studied, vocabulary in different disciplines. Children learn to properly and competently express their thoughts, to cope with anxiety before speaking in public, recite texts of different styles. The program also develops various types of memory and all aspects of speech.

Course Objectives:

  • Teach highlight text bearing words and phrases, the main idea mikrotemy;
  • To learn to memorize the material studied, highlight important to remember;
  • To enrich students' vocabulary thesaurus of the disciplines, expand vocabulary;
  • learn how to build a consistent, competent and coherent story;
  • Learn to cope with the excitement of the audience;
  • To expand the students' knowledge of school subjects.
 The success of students in coherent speech and provide increasingly determine success in the classroom for all subjects, in particular, contribute to the formation of high-grade reading skills and improve spelling literacy.