"Mathematical Intelligence for preschoolers" - a special development program, which is designed for children from 5 years for the development of thinking and the formation of mathematical skills.

The program's objectives:

  • the development of the child's intelligence in the process of preparation for school
  • the maximum disclosure of capabilities and abilities of the child, which are formed at this stage;
  • the development of mathematical abilities of the child, thus creating conditions so that he could easily learn school material on the subject "Mathematics" across the curriculum in the future


  • Creation of preconditions for the development of the child's intelligence, including the formation of abilities and psychological processes (attention, imagination, execution of works according to the rules, the formation of thinking based on analogies and revealed laws, and others.)
  • Formation of preconditions for the development of abilities in the subject "Mathematics". The development of mathematical thinking of the child based on the formation of ability to reason and to build flexible thought processes with the help of mathematical symbols; solving simple, concise and efficient way.
  • Activities are aimed at creation of preconditions that contribute to the successful development of the curriculum taking into account the developed mental functions and personality traits.
  • In the class math child is invited to solve the tasks related to mental processes that are based on the action, or the image of the word.
  • The essence of Mathematics does not lie in the development of computational abilities of the child, and in the formation of specific knowledge, which include the general laws of the subject "Mathematics».

for Education program:

  • The classes take place every week: the output, either on a weekday
  • .
  • Training Program places high demands on the child. As a result of the interview may be required to undergo training under the program "Math Training".
  • Record group is carried out only on the results of the preliminary interviews.

The cost of the training program: 48   700 rubles

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in Mathematics Classes for preschoolers

 matem7.jpg Lessons in mathematics - is unlimited possibilities for the development of intellectual abilities of the child. Therefore, learning math preschool children should start as early as possible, gradually moving from the elementary forms of the game to mathematical problems, discreetly following from the simple to the complex.
 Secrets and teaching methods, accumulated and honed to perfection over the long pedagogical practice, make it possible to efficiently develop the different directions of mental activity of the little man:
  • logical and creative thinking;
  • imagination;
  • attention;
  • fantasy;
  • memory;
  • ability to see the cause-and-effect relationships in environmental phenomena of life.
 matem8.jpg Regular classes in mathematics for preschool education contribute to another important quality thinking - criticality. Children learn to analyze the perceived information, diversify its assess, draw their own conclusions. In addition, Mathematics for preschoolers - an integral part of preparation for school. Our long-term observation of children have shown that student well-trained in mathematics, it is easy to cope with other subjects of the school curriculum. While explicit "humanist" often has difficulty with the development of exact and natural sciences. That is why competent, professional training of preschool children math is attached such importance. It is this thing together with the successes in his study - the key to easy development of compulsory schooling.
Conducted at our center lessons on the program "Mathematical Intelligence for preschool children" will be the first, but very important step, which will raise your baby is on the way to a further brilliant education.