Education of preschool children writing - this     a very difficult and time-consuming process, both for parents and for the kids themselves, because before you write a word, it is necessary to hear or read. This process requires a certain knowledge of the teacher, possession of methods of teaching   writing. Among pre-school department teachers there is no consensus about whether to include a "letter" in the program "preparation for school" because Some experts believe that in this age the child is not ready for this kind of activity.
 In the classroom preschool department   finger exercises acquire initial skills for writing, because developed movement of the fingers and hands. But as practice shows, this is not enough, you need a specially designed program for the formation of graphic skills in children.
 The success of the formation of skill of the letter at preschool children depends including   on the regularity, classes should be held for at least 2 times a week for 30 minutes. Tasks should be of interest to the child, to bring joy and to prevent fatigue. in the future to facilitate the letters is important   to teach the child to sit, hold a pen or pencil.
 From the initial stage of learning to write depends mnogoe.V preschool age all seen and heard the child remains in the memory for a long time, and incorrect presentation of information   can lead to a negative attitude to the whole occupation. Therefore it is better at this stage of the child's transfer professionals working   program "Preparing for School" to help him   to overcome barriers to education, to eliminate their causes, and to facilitate the beginning of school life baby
 Currently, there are many training options, but remain largely explain the teacher to write letters, words, sentences, both on board and working in "prescriptions", which facilitate the work and the child and the teacher, as well as   copy reception, when the child encircles letters samples. The combination of all of these techniques can achieve the greatest success.
 Under the conditions of preschool children acquire graphic skills to fine art classes, and fine motor skills   developed in the process of designing and different exercises  . As the observation of children, school starts, this is not always   is sufficient for the preparation of the hand to the letter, it is necessary an elaborate system of special training and exercises on the formation of graphic skills in children not only in preschool, but also at home.