The main difficulty with problem solving, there is already in school grades 3-4, in which the problem occurs more than two data
These "gaps" may occur for several reasons.:
  • child has missed several sessions and now does not know the material covered;
  • child is not able to identify the original task objects correctly (about that problem?), do not understand how to conduct consistent reasoning;
  • the student does not understand the material, an explanation of the teacher simply "not suitable" child. This is not surprising, because each new generation of children is significantly different from the previous one, with this must change and teaching technology.

Mathematical training "technique of problem solving» for students 2-4 classes will help to overcome these difficulties.

The program's objectives:

  • Work out the all the types of tasks, included in the program for elementary school mathematics;
  • Generate sustainable skill solutions school math problems;
  • Remove the psychological fear of mathematics.


  • The program is a training character - is studied in class from 30 to 50 tasks;
  • When working with the tasks used specially developed method, which deals with the process of problem solving as a child "mental action", subject to certain laws of formation and development;
  • Training takes place on a specially developed teaching materials that help, on the one hand, to work out the problem solving technology, and on the other hand, help the child to concentrate on its decision, without being distracted by its design.

for Education program:

  • The training is intensive mode during the school holidays or during the summer.
  • The training is divided into three stages, depending on the types of problems.
  • The child, regardless of age, may be asked to pass from one to all three stages - depending on the types of problems that cause the greatest difficulties in the child
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The cost of the training program: from 48 700 rub


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