Over the years, the presentation remains one of the most common types of written work in schools  . The presentation - one of the most effective methods, which is used not only to determine the voice of human development, but also for the training skills of coherent, logical, literate speech and writing.
 The "Proper presentation" offers educational center "Aristotle", is aimed at developing students' vital communication and speech skills:
  • Extract key information when listening and reading;
  • A proper understanding and interpretation of the text according to its theme, type and style;
  • Create a written statements on the set parameters, including a reproduction of the original text with varying degrees deployed;
  • Compliance practice writing basic language rules.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a certain set of skills necessary for writing presentation:
    • a comprehensive understanding of the "text" of the concept;
    • highlight the main skills, significant (ideas, themes, theses problems);
    • ability to determine the type of speech and functional style of the text;
    • awareness of the logic and consistency of the text;
    • ability to see and appreciate the particular author's style;
    • Play competent heard in accordance with the job.
  • Work out the application of these skills in writing summaries on various topics within the framework of the Russian language program grades 5-7.

Features techniques:

 In school practice presentation is usually seen only as a way of monitoring the development of literacy and speech student. The course "Proper presentation" in the Educational "Aristotle" center focuses on teaching the technology of creating this kind of written work and is aimed at developing the student the necessary skills:
  • It is true to understand and convey the basic idea of ​​the source text;
  • Right highlight the macro and mikrotemy;
  • In detail, logical, orderly, without distortion to pass in his own statement the contents of the source text in accordance with his speech features;
  • Build the presentation according to the type of text and functional style of speech;
  • Maintain the stylistic unity;
  • Follow the rules of speech.

Learning Outcomes:

 These courses theoretical knowledge and practical skills will enable the student successively performing a series of actions and answering very simple questions, create a written work, meets all the requirements for a school presentation.