Preparing for the exam

To date training materials for the DPA a great many, but the main method of preparation can not give at all courses and trainings. And it is becoming quite a serious matter for parents and pupils.

 Be sure to advance to fill gaps in student knowledge, to thoroughly prepare for the exams and get good results for the DPA. And when the matter comes before the parents, then start searching for one to turn to. Most often, parents decide it, referring to the tutor or professor. But it is not always a tutor or professor of the Institute will be able to help you, and such training is not always the most efficient, even if you find a tutor who would be worthy.

 There is one solution - training courses or programs of "Preparing for the DPA" in various centers. Program faculty are created with a narrow focus and cover a large number of possible targets and options. In the classroom there is a deep study of each topic, and the time between the ability to allocate their time in the delivery of the DPA.

 The main advantage - the students are able to communicate with each other, which increases motivation and facilitates the generation of new knowledge. Classes are understandable and accessible, and most importantly it will give a good basis for passing the exam. Teaching Strategy has been developed through the levels as All children are different (there is slow, there is a very active, etc.) and each can be taught to use their own intellectual resources. And training will be cheaper coaching.

It is no secret that the success of the examination largely depends on the attitude and relationship to this parent, it is important to show and tell your child that you trust him and, even if the score is not close to an estimation perfectly, to love and respect the less your child You do not become.
  • In preparation for the exam on the Russian language is to use the entire arsenal of tools: individual coaching, visit preparatory courses at universities, shtudirovanie textbooks and multimedia demos and perform tests of previous years.
  • The proposed Russian language courses in Moscow program allows you to effectively and efficiently prepare for the exam on the Russian language in the form of the test, which is offered to 11 graduate classes  .
  • Classes can extend the vocabulary students, which makes it possible to respond to the oral part of the deployed and in detail, learn the logic of the job and see the possible "pitfalls" of tasks, as well as discuss the most basic mistakes made in the exam.
  • High-quality preparation for the exam in literature is not only read the classics of world and Russian scale. It also means that the applicant came consciously to study literature and versed in the articles that are written by people as a review of the product
  • Testing of writing an essay exam to pass the exam on the Russian language.
  • Testing of specific writing algorithm allows you to write an essay on the text of any complexity.
  • Exam preparation courses for the 11 classes of students and students.
  • Activities are aimed at preparing for the delivery math exam in a test form.
  • The preparation can not be reduced to a simple "coaching" on the model tests, and sent to the formation of knowledge and skills, and the use of practice.
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