Program   algebra "Technology solutions of equations" help students grades 5-9 in a fairly short period of time to work out sustainable solutions jobs skills in algebra of various kinds and levels of difficulty

The program's objectives:

  • to fill the gaps in students' knowledge in mathematics;
  • Work out the skills for solving equations, inequalities, systems of equations, etc;.
  • Teach "vision of the formula" in the complicated examples.


  • The technique is built taking into account the psychological characteristics of perception teenagers;
  • The course is aimed at a comprehensive study of all the basic areas of algebra;
  • Steps for elaboration of educational material;
  • The use of special teaching materials, built on the principle of gradual formation of mental actions;
  • In the process of learning involves all types of memory, which helps to maximize memorization of material covered;
  • Training is conducted in small groups, which allows the instructor to pay sufficient attention to the decision of the individual student problems.

for Education program:

  • The program consists of 3 levels of different difficulty levels, together covering the entire school algebra course for Grades 5-9:
    • The first stage - for students grades 7 and having large gaps 8th grade students;
    • The second step - to students of classes 8 and 9 students have gaps classes;
    • The third stage - for students in grades 8-9
    • .

Learning Outcomes:

  • The acquisition of comprehensive skills to solve problems of various kinds and levels of complexity in algebra.

The cost of the training program: 48   700 rubles

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