Mathematical intelligence for younger students

"Mathematical Intelligence" - developing the program for younger students , which is based on training course, a visit which contributes to the development of abilities, both intellectual  . And math
 This program gives you the opportunity to develop the child's so-called «mathematical mind» , which allows you to develop in including:
  • ability to reason;
  • ability to handle mathematical symbols;
  • ability to quickly and easily find new strategies for solving problems

The program's objectives:

  • Develop a child's capacity for consistent presentation of judgments and conclusions.
  • Develop logical thinking.
  • Purchase necessary to solve practical problems and theoretical skills.
  • Develop a set of techniques and approaches by which the child will be able to solve logical problems; teach methods for constructing generalized solutions schemes, the application of which will help to accurately determine the condition and the desired quantities in the problem, and to find the optimal solutions direction.
  • Develop auditory and visual attention, which will contribute to the rapid assimilation of the perception and the information received at the hearing while working with the material.


  • Activities are aimed at the development of thinking, attention, memory, perception. The child gets acquainted with the world of mathematical models.
  • In the course of employment stand out the general laws, which are the basis of mathematics , as the teaching of the subject. Computational skills and solutions to specific problems are minor issues.

for Education program:

  • The classes take place every week or output, or on a weekday.
  • Ability to study in small groups or individually.
  • Record held on the basis of the results obtained during the interview.

The cost of the training program: 48   700 rubles

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  • Lesson of mathematics for first-graders - an acquaintance with a new level of thinking through the familiar processes. Mathematics - the queen of sciences, opens its doors
  • Additional classes in mathematics for Grade 2 include the study of numbering numbers, familiarity with the values ​​and their measurement, analysis, training. Persistence attendance allow the child to easily release characteristics and properties of geometric shapes, make judgments using mathematical terms. Particular attention is paid to the development of memory, including oral computing skills.
  • Mathematics in primary school is a very important subjects. In third grade, children learn to build logical chains of thought and teaching sequence. In the third class are starting to solve the first problem is not obvious. The importance of this subject is expressed in the further addition of the mind of the child. Mathematics allows us to develop the child's ability, which can later be opened in him the desire to exact sciences.
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Send request and we will be sure to call back.
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