Preparing for the exam in mathematics at the Educational Center "Aristotle" has two main educational programs that go throughout the school year   and   some short-term programs, which take place during the holidays or run parallel to the main program
 The choice of a training program depends on the student's age and level of knowledge in mathematics. Writing in the group is carried out only on the basis of the results of the initial interviews.

The two-year training program (for students 10 and 11 classes)

  • The program is designed for students of 10 classes and students 11 classes, with large gaps in knowledge.
  • The amount of academic program 180   hours; term implementation of the program:
    • to students of 10 classes - 1 day a week for three academic hours, 2 years of study (30 study weeks in the school year);
    • to students of 11 classes - 2 times a week for three academic hours, 1 year of study (30 study weeks)
    • .

One-year training program (for students in grades 11)

  • The program is designed for Grade 11 students showed an average level of preparation in math
  • The amount of program 90 academic hours; term of the   - 1 year   (30 study weeks);
  • Training Mode - 1 times a week for 3 academic hours
  • .

The short-term program (for grades 10-11)

  Short program   in holiday's:
  • 8 lessons of 3 academic hours,
  • period of implementation
  • 2 weeks
  1. «Equations. USE »  -   B1 and B7 jobs;
  2. «Tasks. USE »  - Jobs  
  3. «Graphs and functions. USE "- reference B7 and B14;
  4. «Geometry. USE "- Assignment B6, B9, B11
  5. .
  Short additional programs
  • program for the "strong" students;
  • training can be done in parallel with the main program
    preparation for the exam or during the holidays;
  • the volume of each module 30 academic hours;
  • training mode - 1 time per week for 3 academic hours;
  • implementation period - 10 weeks of training
  • .
  1. «The geometry of the C" - the task C2 and C4;
  2. «equations and inequalities of the C" - setting the C3 and C5

exam courses in mathematics

 USE (Unified State Exam) on the subject "Mathematics" consists of a set of tasks that cover all subject areas, from 5 to 11 class. Also in this complex includes targets for solid geometry and geometry. Check graduate knowledge of the complex in a fairly full, which he learned during the study of the subject, it is possible due to the content and the structural peculiarities of examination work. Preparing graduates for the exam becomes more complicated, because the structure of the examination differ significantly from the standard test of knowledge and skills curriculum. The number of tasks aimed at the use of the object of knowledge in practice, examination work increased.