rhetoric Courses

The lessons in the school of rhetoric are based for the most part in practice. During training at the courses rhetoric Students develop the ability to communicate effectively, that is, so to manage the words to express his thoughts, so that they reach their communicative tasks - belief, consolation, decline to some action, and so on. ., so rhetoric courses children need as much as possible to speak and write. Simply put, most of the time must be given, of course, practice.

Oratory for young speakers

 The primary objective of rhetoric courses for children - the formation of a personality that is capable of owning stock specific information, to adapt to a particular speech situation by building his sentence in accordance with its plan, communicative intention
 Goals and objectives that have been successfully performed on the rhetoric courses in the Educational Center "Aristotle»:
  • the children to practice teaching skills presentation before the audience; learn to communicate clearly express their thoughts;
  • ability to develop gesture;
  • acquire the ability to communicate with peers;
  • develop confidence in themselves and their abilities;
  • acquire the ability to manage the attention of listeners;
  • easily and safely meet at the blackboard at school;
  • to enjoy the performances without emotion and stiffness.
 And, of course, it is worth mentioning that the students in the courses rhetoric in the heart of "Aristotle" eliminate "waste" sounds and words-parasites develop melodic speech clarity and literacy pronunciation, as well as many other things that come in handy not only in school but also in adulthood.

A well-constructed speech and culture of communication will help the child in your life is always and everywhere: in the family, while chatting with friends, future colleagues, but more importantly, contribute to successful learning in school, and not only because every lesson for future lectures and seminars He will have speak and use words.
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