The child can not read, and from losing interest in the process itself, does not like and does not want to read more - with such obvious problems faced by many parents. To fight this scourge alone is quite difficult and often parents make a huge mistake by simply forcing their children to read. Doing this is not something that is not recommended, and even more is contraindicated, because of what is being done with a stick, nothing good happens in the end.

Why is it so important to instill in children a love of reading

 It is a fact: children learning to read need to be addressed not only in school but also at home. Of course, it is unlikely there are parents who do not want to teach your child to read quickly and impressively, to inculcate interest in reading, for the role of the book in a person's life is huge. It is important from an early age helps a child to fall in love with the book, because the inability and unwillingness to read a negative impact not only on the academic performance of the child, but also on its overall development.
 While the child is small, adults enthusiastically read books to him. However, when he goes to school, I sigh of relief, hoping that now some rest, but not comfort yourself in vain hopes. From early childhood until high school you must persistently and patiently deal with teaching children to read, gradually ensuring that "absorption" of books has become for them a familiar and favorite pastime. In this case you should definitely remember that it is important to teach a child to read is not only fast, but also to learn to analyze, remember the old.

Why do not try to cope alone

Teaching children to read selects the parents not only time but also patience, sometimes bringing anger and fatigue, and eventually for the most part still suffering child. Therefore, to ask for help is not something that is not a shame, but rather a must and the sooner the better. But to whom and where? Here's an answer ...
 Developmental program for children "Reading with love" used in the Educational Center "Aristotle" and created by us on the basis of a special method, already successfully for many years contributes to the rapid and progressive at the same time children learning to read. A lot of importance is the fact that the pupils "Aristotle" not only learn to read, but also with the help of competent teachers develop a minimum - the thirst to read, and as a maximum - a love of books and self-development
 The program "Reading with love" is two-fold:
  • First - the development of technology and reading quality
  • the second - the development of coherent speech, shaping abilities to retell and make a mini-text
  • .
 The objectives that we are committed to achieve in the teach children to read, is not only improving reading techniques (working on diction, voice, breath), but the development of a runaway skills, smooth, correct and expressive reading, enrichment vocabulary. Due to the correct approach to learning, the child will actively develop imagination, imagination and ability to analyze, compare, reflect, summarize, and a desire to move to a new book to grow with each read.