Preparing for the DPA

Avoid the state final examination in the Russian language will not be able to any graduate of 9 class. Since the study of Russian language begins from the very first class, and test knowledge of the exam will be for all nine years of schooling. Of course, to prepare for the GIA in the Russian language should be in advance, try to organize all knowledge that have been acquired over such a long period of time and then, confident in their abilities, discarding all fear and anxiety, to cope successfully with the exam.

But before the exam there is still a certain amount of time necessary to do the following:

  1. Meet with the regulations - it will let you know the specifics of the exam
  2. Get introduced to test materials - thanks to this you can not only learn the content of jobs, but also to get acquainted with the commentaries for the implementation of each of them
  3. Meet the criteria of evaluation of examination work
  4. Pay attention to the particular wording of certain tasks
  5. Know algorithm assignments
  6. Examine the instructions in writing of the compressed presentation, as well as repeat basic compression techniques text
  7. Repeat the basic techniques of writing essays on a linguistic topic
  8. Explore the guidelines for writing essays, arguments
  9. trained on performing tasks on the basis of demonstration of options, as well as to study exam options of the past years
  10. To analyze the typical mistakes made in carrying out the examination works by students of previous years.

These are just some of the techniques that will help to prepare for the GIA in the Russian language.
  • The program of preparation for the exam on the Russian language as the DPA (Parts A and B).
  • The program includes   an intensive multifactorial and elaboration of theoretical material, practical refinement of the  .
  • Exam preparation courses for students in 9th grade.
    Activities aimed at preparing for the exam in mathematics in test form. Training can not be reduced to a simple "coaching" on the model tests, and is aimed at building knowledge and skills and apply them in practice.
  • The exam for the DPA gives the result of accumulated knowledge for students 9 years of schooling. It tests reading skills, speaking, listening comprehension and written statement of the information received in English.
    • The training course exam for pupils 9 classes  .
    • Activities are aimed at preparing for the exam math test in the form of.
    • The preparation can not be reduced to a simple "coaching" on the model tests, and sent to the formation of knowledge and skills, and apply them in practice.
    • Classes for students in grade 9 - practicing writing compressed presentation (part C of the DPA in the Russian language)
    • .
    • In the classroom provides a clear presentation of the technology of writing, following which, ninth-write statement that matches all the examination requirements for this type of work.
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