As you know, in high school children have to face the difficult task: writing a presentation. To prepare for this kind of work is quite difficult, because the guys are still not familiar with concepts such as a brief and detailed presentation, compression, the plan text, words, and other deputies. With the presentation of the art of writing children can learn by studying the program "My first statement."
 This program allows the child to meet new terms to learn how to extract the key information from the text, to understand the text, in accordance with its theme, type and style, creating a written statement from the given standards, based on the original text. Also, great attention is paid to the observance of grammar, punctuation and speech standards in the writing of presentation.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the student to write the presentation;
  • Meet with the concept of "text", its kinds, types, symptoms;
  • Learn to highlight the main idea, the idea in a sentence, paragraph and text as a whole;
  • To be able to find the differences between the concepts of type and style of speech;
  • Learn to correctly reproduce the original text, according to the task;
  • Work out the application of these skills in writing summaries on various topics within the framework of the Russian language program.
  • To practice the skill assignments of different types: presentation, drawing, selective presentation, the presentation of the elements with the works of  
  • .

Features techniques:

  • A comprehensive and systematic study of all aspects that affect the formation of a competent writing and rich oral language;
  • The learning process is built on the principle "from simple to complex»;
  • The use of a standard school, and individually-oriented teaching materials;
  • Integrated testing of the analysis and synthesis of the structure of the text;
  • The active participation of students during the course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Proper presentation of the child their thoughts orally and in writing;
  • Ability to analyze the text quickly and effectively;
  • Ability to make an optimal plan to the text;
  • Proper presentation of the text (a sample, complete with works by members);
  • Fixing drafting skills texts - descriptions, reasoning, narrative:
  • Forming a solid foundation needed   for   the writing and presentation of the works of  .

Education and training mode:

  • Enrollment in the group made as a result of the initial interview, the main purpose of which is to identify the level of development of oral language skills in a child.
  • The classes are held in small groups.

training mode:

  • Standard (during the school year):
    • The amount of the standard program "My first presentation»   - 33,75 academic hours  
    • .
    • The term of the program - 15 weeks of training
    • .
    • training mode:   1 per week: 15 lessons of 1.5 astronomical hours
    • .
  • Vacation:
    • The amount of the vacation program "My first presentation" - 24 academic hours
    • .
    • The term of the program - 2 weeks
    • .
    • training mode:
      • in any school holidays: 8 daily activities   (including Saturday and Sunday)     2 astronomical hours;
      • Summer Intensive: 10 lessons daily (except Saturday and Sunday) at 1.5 astronomical hours
      • .