Vacation courses

Many students There are gaps at   basic school subjects:   algebra, geometry, Russian language. From   time, these gaps are accumulated, the child loses interest in learning, it is difficult to take control   the work, a lot of time spent on homework (and sometimes the job simply debited from classmates)
 And in high school, even you need to prepare for exams, and the load increases significantly. Eliminate those gaps and raise the level of basic knowledge is possible if competently approach to this issue,   to understand the cause and to build an effective training program , taking into account characteristics of the child.
 Education Center is focused on fundamental education students .  
  We are happy to those who   has no possibility or time   for the annual program to engage! Educational Center has developed a special Vacation courses for 8-10 sessions.

Programs targeted to students from 1 to 11 classes.

 They enable:
  1. Quickly remove the gaps in knowledge on key subjects (mathematics, Russian language);
  2. Identify and   "pull" specific topics;
  3. Raise evaluation 1-2 points;
  4. To arouse interest in learning;
  5. Develop effective memorization skills;
  6. Learn how to analyze information, to separate the   main thing from minor;
  7. Develop skills to solve many problems;

The format of the program:

  • daily 1.5 hours
  • 8 or 10   sessions in the summer holidays
  • 8 things to do in your vacation (spring, autumn, winter)
  • convenient time in agreement with the administrator
  • individually or in small groups of 2-3 people
 Intensivyne courses on Russian language for schoolchildren



  • an individual approach to learning:
    • keeping psychological, age features;
    • keeping the level of knowledge on selected topics;
    • keeping the total   level   and the ability   to thinking, logical construction and the skills of finding the solution of problems, the ability to analyze information and its rapid reproduction;
  • a clear structure of the program on the basis of 20 years of experience in the team of teachers-professionals - this will not give any one   tutor;
  • Work on   basic   the knowledge and skills rather than on mechanical memory (learned-handed-and-forget)   and "coaching" on the subject;

What programs do we offer:


Russian language:

  • Gramoteyka (2-4 class)
    • Russian language program that combines both a training and developmental elements;
    • Classes help to develop at younger schoolboys linguistic flair;
    • The purposeful work in the classroom for vocabulary students helps them in time to find the right word verification on the lessons of the Russian language; Going on the Russian language in a vacation
  • The competent Russian (Grades 5-9)
    • The "competent Russian" - a mining training literate letters;
    • Due to a special technology (supply and testing of material) in a short time the number of errors is reduced by several times ;
    • The program is divided into levels. Education at a particular level is selected according to the knowledge of the child, show them the primary interview;
  • Training unmistakable letters (Grades 5-8)
    • The program is designed for students who have been trained in the program "The competent Russian";
    • The main objective of the training - to learn to see orthograms, and therefore learn to think by writing;
    • Training fulfills these skills literate writing (within the program passed the level of "competent Russian"), using specific methods of formation "mechanism spelling vigilance";


  • Math training (grades 1-4)
    • Testing solutions school problems;
    • Removing the fear of challenge;
    • The formation of the knowledge base for further study of mathematics at the school;
  • Machinery problem solving, algebra   (5-9 class)
    • Learn how to work with algebraic problems;
    • Testing solving skills of text algebraic problems;
    • Learning to work with algebraic expressions;  
    • Develop approaches to solving mathematical problems of different levels of complexity; Intensive classes in mathematics during the holidays
  • technique for solving equations, algebra (7-8 class)
    • Education "vision" of the formulas of abridged multiplication;
    • Working out of rational methods of working with equations and inequalities;
    • Training to work with the functions and their graphs, including the development of analytical skills;
    • The formation of a solid foundation for further successful study of mathematics and putting the DPA;
  Now for most holiday programs can be booked without interview   - the first lesson the teacher will provide basic directions for training topics
The cost of holiday programs is fixed at:
  1. when training in a group of 2-3 people - 48 700 rubles ;
  2. for individual learning - 69 850 rubles ;

  Sign up for the training can be at the reception by phone: +7 495 540 49 60
Or request a website


Spend the holidays

for the benefit of the successful   of the future!

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Send request and we will be sure to call back.
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