The "interesting work" aimed at the   refinement technology of writing different types of essays. The classes given by such essays writing technology (that   ie a kind of algorithm of actions..), Which helps the student to   a step-by-step:

  • compositionally properly arrange work;
  • to fill it with content relevant to the chosen theme;
  • to show independence and originality of judgments;
  • convincingly argue driven arguments;
  • to show the validity of the findings;
  • to avoid errors in the language and grammar of text design.
 The aim of the course is not a study of literary works, provided the curriculum for literature: knowledge of the content of textbook works envisaged as a prerequisite to the training course  

Course Objectives:

  • The acquisition of practical skills of students writing a creative work based on the works of fiction, namely:
    • to give the student a clear idea about the idea of ​​the text and the theme works as a secondary text, the ability to distinguish between these concepts;
    • to develop a certain stereotype (sample, standard) in structuring works;
    • ability to make the plan works, the corresponding proposed theme;
    • ability to logically and sequentially display the topic when creating your own text;
    • ability to convincingly substantiate the arguments given.

Features techniques:

  • Students are offered a clear work algorithm that allows you to write an essay that meets all program requirements for this type of work  .

training results:

  • The student uses the acquired skills available to create an interesting, meaningful creative work.

Education on the course:

  • Each class for 3 academic hours (2 astronomical).
  • training mode:
    • 1 or 2 times a week
    • daily activities during the holidays