The classic preparation for school

Where to go to learn? In recent years, the issue of the future first-graders parents start to ask long before the child enters school. And when the answer is found, there is another, equally painful question: whether the child succeed in school? What do I need to do?
We will answer these questions and prepare your child to enter into a strong public or private school. To this end, a program aimed not only on literacy, the development of mathematical concepts, familiarity with the surrounding world, but first and foremost on the development of intellectual abilities: attention, memory, thinking; the formation of cognitive interest, desire and habit of thinking, the desire to learn new habits of regular exercise.
Children's world characterized by bright colors, games, fairy tales, fantasy. This peace will surround your child and when we teach him to read, write, count, reflect, training to be a joyful and exciting. On this depends the whole future path to knowledge.


  • The Basics of mathematical literacy;
  • Learning to read, familiarity with the environment;
  • Familiarity with written language;
  • Intellectual Development;
  • Learning to work with the tests;
  • Formation of psychological readiness for school.


  • Training is conducted in small groups and individually;
  • Each lesson includes 3 lessons of 25 minutes  .
  • Classes are held on weekdays and on weekends.