Potapova Maria Valentinovna

Being the director of the educational center is not the same thing as being a director of any other organization. Maria Valentinovna - is a person who lives in the collective, rather than standing over him. It     she was trained by the educational center of the program, starting from 4 years, which will continue to receive two degrees at MSU, to acquire international experience, and has a special attachment to do the center of development. Determine the direction, it always relies on the work of the entire team of the center.

In the center " Aristotle, " the main thing - the children. They do not like each other, they have different life circumstances, attitudes to learning, every-Pope-grandparents moms with their feelings and anxieties. Some people need support, someone - remarks. Goodwill and the pursuit of dialogue allow Maria Valentinovna easily solve sometimes complex and ambiguous situations.

Maria Valentinovna - is a creative head with an analytical mind and an active lifestyle. By monitoring and management, reveals the real possibilities of each teacher, organizes and continually monitors the creative growth of each member of the team to grow year after year and the center every day. The serenity, the ability to find a common language with teachers, children and parents of students can create a comfortable psychological climate in the educational center. Demanding, tactful, loving his job, Maria Valentinovna enjoys well-deserved reputation among colleagues, students and their parents.