On the results of the first monitoring of the education system

The Government House under the chairmanship of Prime - Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting, during which the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov reported on the results of the education system monitoring

. The data obtained from monitoring. help to improve policies in the field of education, to achieve better results and competitive - the head of the Government said

. Monitoring of the education system. rules which were approved by the RF Government, was held for the first time last year. Currently monitoring includes 158 indicators, details of which are collected in the framework of the federal statistical observation. and 14 indicators identified by the results of sociological surveys.

Dmitry Livanov said that the education system varies as a result of work Minobranuki, and under the influence of objective factors - changes in the availability of information. the emergence of new methods and technologies of training.

«Today, more than half of children with disabilities, children with special potential health are involved in the illusion of the programs are taught together with other children, and in this article we will from next year will expand monitoring to see how the modified appropriate educational programs" - the Minister noted

. Dmitry Livanov particular attention to the main results of the monitoring.
He said. that in the sphere of preschool education the main trend - a significant increase in the number of children in kindergartens. indicator of access to education for children from three to seven years, close to 95% in 2014. also voiced the main indicators of the areas of general education. additional education, vocational education and higher education system. Summarizing the Minister noted that monitoring is an important characteristic of the wide availability of its results and to minimize the administrative burden on educational institutions and their employees.