Problems of Preschool Education

Most recently in Sochi was held II All-Russian Congress of teachers of pre-school education, on which leading educators and scientists, including from other countries, were presented some interesting reports concerning pre-school education and upbringing of the child.

Among other problem parents self has been affected, inevitably pop up whenever it comes to a child's development. As we know, the concept of "detotsentrizma" was the basis of public education last year. At the moment, it involves the active cooperation of parents and schools as well as training of young (and not only) their parents the basics of education. According to the vice-president of the publishing house "Education", this problem to some extent solve the various publishers, releasing light in the time-tested book known educational psychologists.

Also discussed is already painful question of pragmatism of today's children and adolescents. Today's children, from birth to absorb even TV shows, and information from the Internet, it is not like children, the younger 10-20 years ago. They are not as naive as they can get an answer to almost any question came to mind, without asking his parents. Therefore, it is required as soon as possible "priladit 'now exists under the modern system of education of children, the experts conclude.

were also expressed at all paradoxical thought: some psychologists have argued, for example, that previously read (2-3 years) can harm the child or that the English language, studied from such an early age, it can deform the baby.