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Teacher-psychologist, the experience of 30 years,
 Everyone who works in the field of education, working for the future and are responsible for the future.
 Svetlana Vladimirovna - a professional who appreciate not only skill, but also enthusiastic about their work. It   is always   forward and recognizes only the best results. The whole team of the Educational Center every day learns from it. Fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, proprietary techniques and little secrets in communicating with children, fascinating explanations and remarkable tenacity, - all admire people who know her
 As scientific director of the educational center, Svetlana puts great efforts to enable children in Russia   to get really comprehensive quality education. Thanks to her, many parents have grown from small charming kids who come to the center at a young age, smart and successful people realize themselves day after day to achieve their goals.
Svetlana was awarded the medal of Leo Tolstoy for the upbringing, training, education.

English Teacher

Certified teacher-native English speaker  . In recent years, before moving to Moscow   lived in New York. It has been a serious methodological training in different countries, including   Russia, America, England, internally and   online. Constantly improving their professional skills. Considers it necessary not only to intelligibly explain the grammar, but also to teach their students to talk.
 At Hady lessons are always a unique atmosphere of free live dialogue, and between teacher and students trust is established  . All this makes the lessons are not only effective, but also interesting that promotes speedy overcoming the language barrier. Hady life principle is the statement "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." / «The only way to get out of life - look at it as an adventure»
 Knowledge of languages: American and British English, French, Arabic and classical Arabic dialects of the Russian language. "We teach the way of thinking, not translation from native language" (learn to think in the target language, and do not translate native) - Hady explains the success of their students


Teacher of Mathematics,   experience of 14 years
 There are people who are impressive from the first meeting. Larisa - a man. She invites everyone from preschoolers to their grandparents to get acquainted with the fascinating world of mathematics. Larisa drawn with complex puzzles, as a virtuoso guitarist handles six strings & nbsp.;

It   language translates obscure sines and logarithms in a simple and accessible presentation of all. Her speech is rich in metaphors, similes, and no one would think that our "guide to the world of mathematics" unnecessarily "nonsense" or trying to boast their knowledge. Larisa of those teachers that can joke and laugh with them. She continually "on the same wavelength" with the audience, and you can be sure that the material will be processed on a 100% & nbsp.;

Watching Larisa explains another topic, you realize that people sincerely and fervently in love with his work and is ready to talk about it is really interesting, and most importantly - it is clear. That is why Larisa awarded the medal of Leo Tolstoy for the education, training, education.

French language teacher

Having arrived in Moscow from Paris, he studied at the State Institute of Russian Language. Pushkin.

Monsieur   Hosxe   always aware of the latest changes in language and perception, and trains its students its most modern version. In class everyone gets a unique chance to learn about the culture of another country "at first hand".

When asked what you like in Russia, he says:   «La Russie a toujours suscité un grand intérêt chez moi, la littérature, l'histoire singulière de son peuple m'intéressaient bien avant de débarquer à Moscou ce qui me plait en Russie et particulièrement à Moscou, ce sont les réalisations culturelles, anciennes et modernes, et ceux qui s'activent frénétiquement autour d'elles. Comme un carrousel, elles ne cessent de m'émerveiller même quand le ciel est bas et que la grisaille domine l'horizon. Il y a toujours quelque chose à découvrir en Russie qui vous éclairera ». / "Russia has always been of great interest to me & nbsp.; Literature, a kind of history of the Russian people - all very occupied me before moving to Moscow. What I like the most in Russia and especially in Moscow - are cultural objects, modern and old, and people who develop around them a lively activity. This change captures events like the roundabout, and does not cease to amaze me, even when low to the horizon, the sky covered with gray clouds. In Russia, every moment you can discover something new. "

In the classroom teaching building so that the complex grammar of the French language is remembered for practical conversational topics. His students say that Lionel can infect any true   interest in learning the language.


Experience 10 years
 Working professionals brings them no doubt the satisfaction of the soul. Elena - man in love with his work, children. This can be seen in her eyes, full of attention and care,   the smile with which she meets children on the threshold of the audience. & Nbsp; Elena never doubted the correctness of the choice of his profession, in which the main wealth - communication with the person the opportunity to help children in learning and development, involving for this great intellectual force
 As the genius and master of his work, it is interesting to work with each student. It all finds a common language, accurately determines which path to   learning to apply for a particular child. And on the threshold of the classroom every day comes another scenario of the old tale in a new way, and fairy-tale characters, under the able guidance of Elena Vladimirovna invite children on a fascinating journey to knowledge.
 Parents often say that only she will give her youngest child training, as soon as he / she grows up to permanently instill interest in new knowledge.


Marina Nikolaevna well studied individually-typological and age and psychological characteristics of children and their social situation of development, living conditions. She finds the perfect approach to each child, believes that the judge of the child in two polar opposite types of children - it's like that on the basis of the properties of boiling water and ice water to speak of. & Lt; br & gt; <br />
"The children -   they're adults, so they should be treated as equals. The difference is that they are more emotional and have less experience »-   says Marina Nikolaevna. For her work with children -   is not work, but fun: is not it interesting to help children learn about the world. She believes that every child is born talented, most importantly -   to create the necessary conditions for its development.

The administrator, teacher of chemistry.

 "Where does the rainbow? Where does the echo? Why are all snowflakes different? "- These are small issues" Who Knows? "Always ask an adult. All "pochemuchek" Svetlana invites to travel across countries and continents of the planet "Himlyandiya". Planet, this is amazing, but it is very dangerous! Svetlana will avoid tricky formulas and get to the secret lab, where young scientists are waiting for exciting experiences and experiments
Svetlana is not only an avid traveler on the planet "Himlyandiya". She,   as a cordial host, always happy to see guests at the educational center. Treating friends and guests a delicious cup of tea or coffee, talk about educational   programs and advise on all organizational issues arising.


& Nbsp; «Language to Kiev" - because the language - is the means through which we see the world and communicate with each other. This tool, which differentiates us from other species and binds us as members of humanity.
& Nbsp; Eugene V. believes that the training it is important to take into account the interests and preferences of the student. There is no way that a child can not reach something, it happens that failed to correctly orient it. Her pedagogic creed: "Somewhere in a secret corner of each child has its own string, it sounds in their own way, and that the heart responded to the word of the teacher, you need to correctly tune the tone of this string."


Pauline A. deeply convinced that every child has their own individual way of development in the world, and it does not always fit into the accepted age pedagogy and psychology "standards". It is important to see a small child in an adult who sees and understands in a special way. It is enough to give the child the freedom to choose and do not disturb him "do yourself", because he, more than anyone else, know what and when it needs to. And adults will close and be sure to send, if need be.
 & Nbsp; All good, good, the light that is in Polina Alexandrovna, she gives to his disciples. In return, it receives more: their confidence, revelation, joy, little secrets and tricks, and most importantly, love.
& Nbsp; «I like to teach children because they are spontaneous, honest and full of life, and yet they crave new knowledge» -   says Polina Alexandrovna.

The Executive Director of the Educational Center

Being the director of the educational center is not the same thing as being a director of any other organization. Maria Valentinovna - is a person who lives in the collective, rather than standing over him. It     she was trained by the educational center of the program, starting from 4 years, which will continue to receive two degrees at MSU, to acquire international experience, and has a special attachment to do the center of development. Determine the direction, it always relies on the work of the entire team of the center.

In the center " Aristotle, " the main thing - the children. They do not like each other, they have different life circumstances, attitudes to learning, every-Pope-grandparents moms with their feelings and anxieties. Some people need support, someone - remarks. Goodwill and the pursuit of dialogue allow Maria Valentinovna easily solve sometimes complex and ambiguous situations.

Maria Valentinovna - is a creative head with an analytical mind and an active lifestyle. By monitoring and management, reveals the real possibilities of each teacher, organizes and continually monitors the creative growth of each member of the team to grow year after year and the center every day. The serenity, the ability to find a common language with teachers, children and parents of students can create a comfortable psychological climate in the educational center. Demanding, tactful, loving his job, Maria Valentinovna enjoys well-deserved reputation among colleagues, students and their parents.

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