Cheating in the exam in mathematics

05.06.2014 Today was held the Unified State Exam in mathematics. And in this regard, it took another scandal that puts a new spot on this examination form. As it became known, even before the exam leak to the Internet has been fixed, which allowed students to write off almost freely responses from the network.

Materials sold openly on the Internet a whole class, for 2 thousand rubles in one of the social network Vkontakte groups could buy all the answers, and, as it turned out, it is absolutely correct. It should be noted that such violations will not suppressed, the group were not removed, and the perpetrators punished no one is going.

How does the Ministry of Education is going to get out of this situation? Unfortunately, no. Once again, affected only those children who are consciously preparing for the exam and would like to pass this test honestly.  

Once again passing the exam form is not justified. Do yourself Izzhivёt this system? This question is difficult to answer. But with such disastrous results, we can say only one thing: from this form of examination do more harm than good.