Yakusheva Svetlana

Teacher-psychologist, the experience of 30 years,
 Everyone who works in the field of education, working for the future and are responsible for the future.
 Svetlana Vladimirovna - a professional who appreciate not only skill, but also enthusiastic about their work. It   is always   forward and recognizes only the best results. The whole team of the Educational Center every day learns from it. Fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, proprietary techniques and little secrets in communicating with children, fascinating explanations and remarkable tenacity, - all admire people who know her
 As scientific director of the educational center, Svetlana puts great efforts to enable children in Russia   to get really comprehensive quality education. Thanks to her, many parents have grown from small charming kids who come to the center at a young age, smart and successful people realize themselves day after day to achieve their goals.
Svetlana was awarded the medal of Leo Tolstoy for the upbringing, training, education.