Changes in the delivery of EGE

On the fundamental changes in the delivery of the unified state examinations have told the Russian Education and Science. Future graduates will not have rasschtyvat on luck, but on their own znaniya.A means to guess the correct answer from the four options proposed will not work.

"In order for the exam held as objectively as possible, you must make sure that it was impossible to guess the answer. Therefore, the test of the Unified State Examination (Part A) will be gradually excluded from the job of a single exam. In mathematics and literature, this has already been done. On the exam in 2015, we will do it in the Russian language ", - said the head of the Ministry of Education Dmitry Livanov and noted that these changes will help to identify the maximum level of knowledge of pupils

. MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov welcomes the exclusion of the test of the "A" of the exam in 2015: "The more creativity will be in the exam, the better we are working with the CSE coming guys for many years, and, unfortunately, it seems to me, a single examination strongly. impoverishes their understanding of a particular branch of knowledge. Instead of developing analytical and creative thinking, high school graduates are beginning to learn the answers, which negatively affects the quality of training of future students. »

In addition to the failure of the first unit is scheduled exam, according to the minister, to introduce an oral examination: first, it involves a foreign language, then all the humanities. Also Livanov said that will develop electronic delivery technology exam: students take the exam will be offered in computer science on the computer, and then practice may be extended to other subjects

. As for the transition to the voluntary surrender of the exam system, then, according to the minister, this speech does not go yet.