President drew attention to the importance of the choice of the child supplementary education

The concept of modernization of the Russian education system identified the importance of additional education of children, contributing to the development of aptitudes, abilities and interests of the social and professional self-determination of children and youth.

The main purpose of additional education to meet the ever-changing individual socio-cultural and educational needs of children.

The modern system of additional education provides an opportunity to millions of students to engage in artistic and technical creativity, tourism and regional studies and ecological-biological activities, sports and research - in accordance with their desires, interests and potentialities

. Additional education gives the child a real opportunity to choose their own individual way. Government policy in this area should ensure that citizens are entitled to receive additional education. In social networks, actively discussed the importance and value to society of additional education.

In the open debate and discussion of the parent and the teaching community about the choice of an additional education of school-based, creative in the municipal center, or in a non-governmental educational organization drew the attention of the President of the Russian Federation.

In his address to the Federal Assembly, VV Putin said: "Talented children - is the property of the nation, and we must provide additional support options for those who are already in school has shown a penchant for technical and humanitarian creativity to invent, has achieved success in national and international intellectual and professional competitions, holds patents and publication in scientific journals, and we have a lot of these children. »