Solovyov (Novikov) Larisa

Teacher of Mathematics,   experience of 14 years
 There are people who are impressive from the first meeting. Larisa - a man. She invites everyone from preschoolers to their grandparents to get acquainted with the fascinating world of mathematics. Larisa drawn with complex puzzles, as a virtuoso guitarist handles six strings & nbsp.;

It   language translates obscure sines and logarithms in a simple and accessible presentation of all. Her speech is rich in metaphors, similes, and no one would think that our "guide to the world of mathematics" unnecessarily "nonsense" or trying to boast their knowledge. Larisa of those teachers that can joke and laugh with them. She continually "on the same wavelength" with the audience, and you can be sure that the material will be processed on a 100% & nbsp.;

Watching Larisa explains another topic, you realize that people sincerely and fervently in love with his work and is ready to talk about it is really interesting, and most importantly - it is clear. That is why Larisa awarded the medal of Leo Tolstoy for the education, training, education.