On Monday, May 26

On Monday 05/26/2014, the graduates have overcome the first trial related to the unified state exam. On this day the students passed the exam in literature and geography. But the main test is yet to come from the graduates.

In total, our country carried out an examination to 14 subjects, 2 of which are mandatory: Russian language and mathematics. Targets for pupils remain inaccessible until the moment of passing the exams. However, in the history of the Unified State Exam it was recorded many violations. Every year the Ministry of Education will upgrade exam system, but an ideal result is not achieved. about a thousand violations of the procedure of the examination was recorded in 2013.

This year, in the scheme of the examination made further changes that should significantly reduce the level of cheating on the exam. Points of examinations and results processing centers will be equipped with video cameras and metal detectors. Also during the course of examination and checking in online will be watched by specially trained observers.

recall that these innovations have been tested in pre-term delivery of the exam, and violations were not recorded. Let us hope that the modernization of the result will not be slow in coming: each graduate will receive a score corresponding to its actual level of knowledge.