New test for 11 classes will introduce later this school year

For graduates of 2014 - 2015 academic year introduced a new form of knowledge control - final essay. Write an essay 11 classes will be in December, but failed to retake the work will be available in February and late April - early May. the works will result in a mark in the school leaving certificate - credit or Fail.
In future work, according to the decision of the university can be considered for admission to the university. university expert will be able to evaluate an essay (maximum that you can get for the written work - 10 points), and the resulting points to add to the total score of the exam graduate. Therefore, the composition will enter higher education in this school year, an excellent opportunity to earn extra points.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, after following directions for the works were selected: "No wonder remembers all Russia ..." (the 200th anniversary of Lermontov). "Questions posed to mankind by the war," "Man and Nature in the domestic and world literature", "Dispute generations together and apart" and "The alive people?" By October, for each of the areas to be developed themes for future works, but graduates will know them only in the exam. As we can see, almost all areas of repeated themes of works-arguments on the exam on the Russian language, so graduates will have napinat prepare for delivery of the final examination in accelerated mode.