Pauline A. Leonov

Pauline A. deeply convinced that every child has their own individual way of development in the world, and it does not always fit into the accepted age pedagogy and psychology "standards". It is important to see a small child in an adult who sees and understands in a special way. It is enough to give the child the freedom to choose and do not disturb him "do yourself", because he, more than anyone else, know what and when it needs to. And adults will close and be sure to send, if need be.
 & Nbsp; All good, good, the light that is in Polina Alexandrovna, she gives to his disciples. In return, it receives more: their confidence, revelation, joy, little secrets and tricks, and most importantly, love.
& Nbsp; «I like to teach children because they are spontaneous, honest and full of life, and yet they crave new knowledge» -   says Polina Alexandrovna.