Putin instructed to raise the minimum exam score for admission to universities

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Cabinet to provide increase in the minimum number of points the exam required applicants for university admission. The main condition is that for different specialties minimum score will be different.

The assignment Putin made after the October congress of the Russian Union of Rectors. At the meeting, the Turkmen leader demanded that the Russian universities to change the passing score for admission of applicants, especially those with low levels of knowledge (as in cost, and the commercial space). Putin believes that such applicants are not able in the future to become a high-quality professionals. According to him, this race for entrants eroding the reputation of the university and higher education.

".... Government to provide increase in the minimum number of points of the unified state examination in general subjects required for admission to the training program of undergraduate programs and specialties," - said in the text of the order, published on the Kremlin website.

The minimum score should be different for different specialties, "based on the need for an educational program receiving appropriate orientation of higher education most capable and prepared." (RIA News)

exam is in both Russian GCSE and entrance to the university. Since 2009, after numerous reports of violations of control over passing examinations in 2014, the exam was tightened, resulting in graduates passed the exam worse than previous years. Rosobrnadzor went against the applicants in June and reduced the minimum score for the exam in mathematics (from 24 to 20), the Russian language (from 36 to 24). In 2015 the minimum exam score for admission to the university grew mathematics from 24 to 27, Social Studies 39 to 42, a foreign language from 20 to 22.