Elena Pazukhin

Experience 10 years
 Working professionals brings them no doubt the satisfaction of the soul. Elena - man in love with his work, children. This can be seen in her eyes, full of attention and care,   the smile with which she meets children on the threshold of the audience. & Nbsp; Elena never doubted the correctness of the choice of his profession, in which the main wealth - communication with the person the opportunity to help children in learning and development, involving for this great intellectual force
 As the genius and master of his work, it is interesting to work with each student. It all finds a common language, accurately determines which path to   learning to apply for a particular child. And on the threshold of the classroom every day comes another scenario of the old tale in a new way, and fairy-tale characters, under the able guidance of Elena Vladimirovna invite children on a fascinating journey to knowledge.
 Parents often say that only she will give her youngest child training, as soon as he / she grows up to permanently instill interest in new knowledge.