Evaluation of the final works in points

The ability to go to the final evaluation of school works in points, perhaps, will not be accepted. As the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, pre-need to analyze the results of the current academic year, including the admission campaign in high schools. "We should not rush into such decisions and forecasts. It should be a very close look at the results of the works, the test results, as it will take place in universities and then have to make a decision. Hasty decisions are not justified "on this issue - he said.

In this academic year, the Russian essay written 670 000 persons, presentation - 15 thousand people. the results of testing 90% of works have shown that 95.3% of students have received credit.

December 3 pupils of graduation classes of schools of the Russian Federation wrote a final essay, which was introduced in the number of mandatory exams from the current academic year. Perhaps the only two options for evaluating essays result: credit or Fail. In the case of "Fail" can retake February 4 and 6 May 2015. For children with disabilities and children with disabilities work can be replaced by outlining.

After that final school work can be taken into account when applicants universities admission. In this case, the universities themselves will evaluate the essay in points. The maximum score that can be obtained - it is 10 points, which are then summed with the exam scores