Destruction of the best schools

Elite schools for gifted students, as well as schools for children with specific development were threatened with extinction. Moscow Mayor's Office announced that the elite schools do not need, because All children are equal. In September, these schools cut the budget so that their conservation management needs to look for sponsors. It is also possible option to save the school by merging with other educational institutions, but in this case not be able to maintain autonomy - this time, will have to lay off many experts - two, to reduce or do paid electives or educational sections - that's three.

Leaders and parents of the schools that have come under attack, try to rectify the situation, setting up pickets and pulling letters of the Ministry of Education and other government agencies lower rank. However, the situation still remains the same. Now the parents of the child who wants to study science or art is the training sessions are likely to have to pay. As for the children who need remedial education program, they will be home schooling, because public schools are not yet ready to accept such children.