CSE: Results

Thus, the Russian school graduates have already passed the required exams and most of the exams to choose from. Now you only have to know the results and, according to them, to choose the university.

So how has passed the exam this year? Will the students go to university, according to their level of knowledge? Give a definite answer to these questions is difficult. However, with a firm confidence we can conclude that the number of violations of the exam significantly reduced.

As is known, this year's innovations related to the exam was taken. All items exam were equipped with video cameras and metal detectors. Funds from the state budget spent on these improvements, were equal to 1.2 bln. Rubles. The amount is quite impressive, given that children still bring into the exam mobile phones and other means of communication. Observers are about the cameras were able to record a number of violations and to cancel certain amount of work for the cheating. As a consequence of stricter monitoring of copying, the average score fell slightly.

exam is always associated with stress, and in conditions of increased vigilance, which were established this year, graduates sometimes excitement reached its climax. Because of the stress on the exam, two students committed suicide. This is not the first time such a situation in the history of the exam, but an adult once again have to conclude that in such a difficult time to be with your child and support him no matter how he wrote the work.

Despite all the tricks, the results still appeared on the Internet, and some of the alumni were able to write them off. As in previous years, a large number of fraudsters selling pseudo-exam results. Rosobrnadzor pre-warned the graduates and their parents that the answers, which are sold on the Internet, will not be true, but, as always, there were those who were willing to give money for a ghostly hope to cheat on the exam.

The following year, graduates will wait for changes in the exam. In 2015, the guys will be writing an essay outlet and part of the exam in a foreign language will take orally. Probably, it will also allow to retake exams three times. All decisions are taken about the changes should be brought to school by 1 August, that in the new academic year, they were able with new strength to start preparing for the final exam.

Well, this year we have to wish good luck to the graduates, high score and admission to the university, which wants to learn. Have a nice day and a better education!