Yuri S. Entin
 Poet, writer, playwright, president of the festival "Chunga-Changa" and "Dance of the Little Ducklings" CEO "Yuri Entin Creative Center". History Teacher (Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute (MOPI) Krupskaya - now the Moscow State Regional University (Moscow State Open University)) and literary editor (Moscow Printing Institute - now the Moscow State University named after Ivan Fedorov printing (MGUP)). Member of the Union of Cinematographers, Theatre, writer; Winner of the Prize of Chukovsky, the main prize of the Moscow Film Festival and other literary and film awards  .
  Main achievements in life:   The author of poems most famous songs for children:: songs "Bremen Town Musicians", "Beautiful far" and "Wings of Swing", "Forest deer" and "Who's New" "I - Water" and "Ditty Babok-Jezek", "Bu-ra-ti-no!" and "Romance Turtles tortilla", "baby house" and "Chunga-Changa", the author of 2 dozen plays and 50 - five screenplays, founder of the festival "Chunga-Changa" and "Dance of the little ducklings".
 & Nbsp;
    I am faithful to the principle of   «We are his vocation will not forget - the laughter and the joy we bring to people ..." * The main purpose in life - "I swear that I will be cleaner and kinder, and in trouble will not leave each other never »...  !
  I love the book ... because ... «The world is full of tales of sad and funny, and live in the world we can not be without them»
  The best care for children -   This "mother - the first word, key word in each destiny. Mom gave life, the world gave me and you ... » 
  I believe that the key to success in life   -  
 Forget your worries, ups and downs,
 Do not whine when the fate behaves not like a sister,  
 And if the other evil - not hope for a miracle,  
 Hurry up to it, always go the way of good  !
  I know that ...   is difficult, but I still aspire to it / go / do  .
 & Nbsp; but you - a man and you are strong, and brave,  
 His hands his fate do  .
 Go against the wind, in place do not stand,  
 Understand, there is no easy way  .
  My favorite city -   Moscow, where I grew up near the Izmailovo Park & ​​nbsp;
 In the month of April, a young  
 In the old park snow melts,  
 And merry swings  
 Taking off ...  
  What motivates me in life ...  
 Young friend, always be young,  
 You do not hurry to grow up,  
 Be cheerful, bold, noisy,  
Fighting should be   -   so fight-!