The first and largest oceanarium in Moscow opened its doors on October 28 in the shopping center "RIO" on the Dmitrov highway.

Aquarium visitors can enjoy a variety of flora and fauna from all over the world: fish, coral reefs, animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and reptiles.

The exhibition opens Polar Zone, in spacious enclosures which are located penguins.

Typical inhabitants of the lakes are in the area of ​​the tropics - Malawi cichlid aquarium to appear in a variety of colors. Next you will see not only the inhabitants of the water, and other fauna: birds of paradise, parrots, monkeys.

Coral reefs will impress visitors with its variety, which can be seen only in a few parts of the Red Sea: numerous corals of all shapes and colors, sea anemones, starfish, shrimp, sea urchins, Atias, sferomii, hriziptery, Tamarin, dog fish, clown fish the most different types and colors, angelfish, Kuzovkov, surgeons, bright yellow zebrasoma.

In an open basin Amazon you can enjoy these representatives of the South American region as Arawana, peaceful and bright speckled pacu Astronotus. Most predatory inhabitants of the Amazon - the piranhas are in a separate aquarium.

In the «mysterious caves» the aquarium will be located nocturnal animals - Egyptian fruit bats, as well as the Mexican blind fish.

Terrarium oceanarium area is also rich: Crocodiles (spectacled caiman) and chelydridae, chameleons, lizards, geckos, snakes, and various kinds of giant anaconda.

A key element of the aquarium, of course, is the main tank with a transparent tunnel. It gives visitors the opportunity to be in the underwater kingdom and observe the life of inhabitants of the aquarium from inside, allowing everyone to have an unforgettable experience, previously available only to divers.

In addition to the rare inhabitants, visitors can enjoy a spectacular underwater show feeding sharks and sea lions performances under the guidance of an experienced trainer. A piece of the ocean you can take home with them by purchasing a souvenir in the aquarium.