How can you not go to college

Speaking today at the Tenth Congress of the Russian Rectors' Union, the head of Russia Vladimir Putin said that enrollment in a higher educational institution graduates with unsatisfactorily low grade exam discredits the institution itself. It is quite logical when you consider what level of knowledge and how their number is required to master srednestaticheskogo graduate. And what result can show those who passed the exam on the "deuce»?

It is clear that the budget of these graduates do not go, but in fact in the universities, there is also a fee-based site. Now imagine that the person who somehow (probably not your mind) survival to the end of the fifth or sixth year at the university, after graduation will be designed home, or even worse - to treat people. The situation, of course, exaggerated, but in a way quite terrible.

Therefore Vladimir Putin called universities do not chase "money" applicants, on the contrary, to stop their entry into the country's universities. "The universities should do those who are able to study there," - said the President.