Supervisor "Aristotle" Education Center, Lecturer, Department of General and Strategic Management at the Research Institute of Higher School of Economics (HSE).

Professional areas - pedagogy, psychology, management.

First Higher Education Svetlana received a MEPI specialty - artificial intelligence and cybernetics. Second education - Moscow City Pedagogical University - with a degree in applied psychology, specializing in the development of abilities.

Svetlana Yakusheva - author of more than a dozen scientific articles in the field of development of abilities, including mathematical abilities in children, as well as areas of general management methods and organizational development. In addition, she is the author of hundreds of textbooks for preschool and school children - has developed its own educational technology, which for many years successfully implemented on the basis of "Aristotle" Education Center.

Annually invests financial resources in the education of children to the Educational Center, which is unparalleled in teaching and applied techniques could develop mathematical, verbal and intellectual abilities of children. Proud graduates of the Educational Center. Awarded the Medal of Leo Tolstoy for the upbringing, training, education.