Start the exam is given!

Yesterday, May 26 Russian students passed the geography and literature as part of the Unified State Exam. The next exam - Russian language, which is required for state certification - will be held May 29. According to some reports, this year the exam will be held in 83 regions of Russia, it will be attended by about 770 thousand people, including graduates of this year - almost 694 thousand people. During the examination it will involve more than 54 thousand audience of more than 5 thousand points of the examinations.

In the Crimea and Sevastopol exams in 2014 will be held at the choice of students: in the form of the exam or in other forms established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

. In recent years, cases of violation of the order of the exam. For example, during exams in 2013 it recorded more than 1 thousand. Disorders. Therefore, to reduce the number of violations in the organizational chart of the EGE significant changes were made in 2014, such as equipment items examinations surveillance tools and metal detectors.

The innovation was also the opportunity to monitor the progress of examination, verification of the results, the appeals procedure in the live video mode. Video broadcast to create a "Rostelecom" portal, which works since the early exams. Over the course of the exam with the help of the portal will be watched by specially trained and accredited observers Rosobrnadzor.