early USE

May 5 students passed the final exam early exam.

However, graduates remained another opportunity to take the exam early. 8 May - reserve day for those who have chosen another subject was unable to premature delivery or disease present in the exam earlier.

We also learned of the early exam in mathematics. Of the 839 graduates of 100 points could not gain one. Only seven people were able to overcome the barrier of 80 points, with these works, as claimed Rosobrnadzor will be sent to a thorough cross-checking. The average score on the early delivery of mathematics was only 38.8 points.

In general, there is a quality examination organization breaches and information leaks to the Internet has not been fixed. Assistant head Sergei Rosobrnadzor Shatunov said that before the last exam early in the Internet 275 suspected sites have been blocked, which could provide students dubious information.

The main period of the exam date will start from May 26 and will end on 19 June. Required exams guys will take May 29 (Russian) and 5 June (mathematics).
Good luck on the exam!