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  «Creative Center of Yuri Entin» The basis of the Centre's programs are the product of its artistic director - the legendary poet Yuri Entin, Peru owned. most Russian   children's songs, among which are all the song "Bremen Town musicians", "Beautiful far", "Winged swing", "Forest deer", "Who's New", "I - Water", "Ditty Babok-Ёzhek "," Bu-ra-ti-no! "," Romance Turtles tortilla "," baby house "," Chunga-Changa "and many others. The Centre has many years of experience in publishing works for children and the organization of Russian and international festivals: International Children's Art Festival and Art for Children "Chunga-Changa» from the known and the new children's songs Yuri Entin poems and The international ethnic festival "Dance of the little ducklings» for the best children's songs countries and peoples of Russia from the collection

  Project "Anthology of children's songs World»