Having arrived in Moscow from Paris, he studied at the State Institute of Russian Language. Pushkin.

Monsieur   Hosxe   always aware of the latest changes in language and perception, and trains its students its most modern version. In class everyone gets a unique chance to learn about the culture of another country "at first hand".

When asked what you like in Russia, he says:   «La Russie a toujours suscité un grand intérêt chez moi, la littérature, l'histoire singulière de son peuple m'intéressaient bien avant de débarquer à Moscou ce qui me plait en Russie et particulièrement à Moscou, ce sont les réalisations culturelles, anciennes et modernes, et ceux qui s'activent frénétiquement autour d'elles. Comme un carrousel, elles ne cessent de m'émerveiller même quand le ciel est bas et que la grisaille domine l'horizon. Il y a toujours quelque chose à découvrir en Russie qui vous éclairera ». / "Russia has always been of great interest to me & nbsp.; Literature, a kind of history of the Russian people - all very occupied me before moving to Moscow. What I like the most in Russia and especially in Moscow - are cultural objects, modern and old, and people who develop around them a lively activity. This change captures events like the roundabout, and does not cease to amaze me, even when low to the horizon, the sky covered with gray clouds. In Russia, every moment you can discover something new. "

In the classroom teaching building so that the complex grammar of the French language is remembered for practical conversational topics. His students say that Lionel can infect any true   interest in learning the language.