Dates vacation in 2014-2015 school year

2014-2015 academic year, Moscow Department of Education recommends that schools following dates for holidays:

  • autumn - with 01.11.2014 till 11.09.2014, at which amounts to 9 days;
  • winter - from 12.27.2014 till 11.01.2015, at which amounts to 16 days;
  • spring - from 21.03.2015 till 29.03.2015, at which amounts to 9 days
For pupils of the first classes are recommended additional holidays in the period from 23/02/2015 till 03/01/2015, the
course, these vacation periods indicated only for schools, in which instruction is on the quarters. Schools with instruction set deadlines trimester of their own holidays.

As we can see, students in this school year, expect a very long winter vacation that is sure to enable them to have a good rest and are encouraged to begin training in the new year.