As a child begins to speak? At first, he only hears it, then he learns to understand her, and only then he begins to speak.

 It occurs in early childhood in the form of simple words. We are always evolving, complicated, refined. As they get older the child masters phonetics, vocabulary, learn to change the words by means of declensions and conjugations, learn about the different styles of speech. In the process of teaching and application in practice it is enriched, becomes expressive, in the lexicon appear apt expression.

 It - it is the enjoyment of human thought, expressed in the form of words, phrases and sentences. Human communication, expression of emotions, the impact on others - all of these functions are performed on the basis of speech.

 Need statements - one of the conditions for the emergence of speech. The more material, which need / want to say, the more meaningful it. People communicate with each other and express their thoughts through clear all characters, ie, words, phrases, different speech structures. Initially, children perceive it in the process of live communication, but this is not always enough, because there are situations when it is wrong and primitive. Children need to be immersed in the correct language environment, introduce the language patterns. In the process of learning and development of pupils learn to distinguish the literary language of the vernacular, familiar with dialects, jargons, distinguished scientific and colloquial language.

 Work with a word, and then on the proposal, and finally over a connected speech - these are the three areas in the development of speech. An important role in the development of speech is diction, expressiveness, orthoepy. For the development of speech apply different methods, such as stories, retellings, writing summaries and compositions.

 Already in elementary school children are taught to give a detailed answer to the question, regularly taking notes from observations, to perform oral retelling of reading, writing poetry - all this allows us to improve and develop it. Moving from simple to complex, students master these skills in practice.

For human speech development it is very important, first for training and then to be successful in society.