The main condition for the development of speech in children of preschool age - adequate communication with adults, and reading books, socializing with peers. It is important for emotional and intellectual development of the preschool child, because it improved in the practical direction and becomes an instrument of thought.

It develops children every day in the course of dialogue, in the desire to learn more new and surprising and tell it all over the world! In the speech development of preschool children the important role occupied by listening, reading, conversation, debate and reasoning. In such forms of child easiest to master it.
Therefore it is very important as often as possible to contact the child, asking questions, are interested to talk, read and tell small stories, fairy tales, remember he had seen on a walk, to learn songs.

It is also important to pay attention to in the development of speech in children of preschool age the study of sounds and letters, to develop a beautiful speech. Activities must take place in the form of a game to captivate and motivate the child. Unfortunately, often parents do not have time for classes or just do not know how to teach a child. In the speech development of preschool children parents often try to guess what the kid wants to tell, thus reduce the incentive to tell the child himself. If you have patience, the child himself will tell all! And quickly learned related speech.

If you engage in the program of development of preschool children in the "Aristotle" education center, the experienced teachers will help your child to increase vocabulary, correct defects in speech and gradually acquire a beautiful speech. And to enter the senior group of the child will be able to build more complex sentences, understand and use new words. This skill will become a means of communication and thinking of the child, the object of study of the world as well as good support in preparation for school.