Development of oral and written speech of pupils takes place in unity with the development of their ability to think, the formation of the student as a person: his upbringing civil qualities, the development of cognitive interests, activity, self-reliance, hard work, responsibility for the work, the ability to overcome difficulties

Match to process language development Grade 3 responsibly and in a timely manner

 To stimulate speech activity of students need to create such speech situations, which would naturally come out of the conditions of learning, cognitive, labor or other activities of schoolchildren and encourage every child to a free and meaningful statement on any proposed topic.
 The objectives of the program language development Grade 3:
  • cognitive awakening interest in the mother tongue, the desire to improve their speech;
  • mastering the skills of correct spelling and reading, drawing simple monologue statements;
  • the development of speech, thinking, imagination, students, the ability to choose the language means in accordance with the communication conditions, the development of intuition and the "language of feelings»;
  • mastering basic methods of analysis of language phenomena studied;
  • to obtain basic knowledge of phonetics, vocabulary, grammar of their native language;
 Additional classes in language development Grade 3 in the Educational Center "Aristotle» contribute to a more conscious and lasting assimilation of previously learned material, contribute to the correct direction of development of speech of students, improve their skills of linguistic analysis, increase the level of language development of students, raising the cognitive interest in language learning, solving problems of intellectual development of younger students.